Predeparture Information: Bangkok

The partner institution will contact you once you have been nominated. This website outlines some of the information you will likely receive. As their processes and procedures may change, always be sure to carefully review the information they will provide you.

Contact Information in Bangkok
Chulalongkorn BBA International Office

Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy

Chulalongkorn University

Phyathai Road, Bangkok 10030


Mr. Thirawut Sutabut, Student Exchange Coordinator


Phone: (011) +662 218 5738

Fax: (011) +662 218 3718

Please review the partner’s information carefully. If you have detailed questions that the website does not answer, you may contact Chulalongkorn University directly.


Applying to the Host University
Because you have been nominated by International Programs for the exchange program, you should be accepted at Chulalongkorn as long as your GPA of at least 3.0 is maintained through your departure. However, you must still submit registration forms and supporting materials to Chula. Application forms and information are available on Chula's Exchange Student information page.

Because of the high cost of overseas mailings, our office can mail any documents necessary to Chulalongkorn. Please have all required papers and materials complete and to the office in 3164 Grainger in a timely manner.  Rush items cannot be accommodated.

Chula’s application deadline for the fall semester is typically April 30 and for spring, September 30.

You are responsible for submitting forms and supporting materials to Chula on time. Be sure to retain a copy for your files.

Our partner institutions set their own academic calendars, but typical dates are as follows.

Fall semester: Mid-August – Late December

Spring semester: Early January – Late May

Chulalongkorn University Calendar


Student Visa/Residence Permit
A passport is necessary to enter a foreign country. Passport information and application forms for U.S. citizens can be found on the U.S. State Department website. Your passport should be valid at least 6 months beyond the end date of your program. If your passport will expire before then, you should apply to renew your passport.

The following visa guidelines are meant to help you as you determine what steps you need to take to enter your host country for an extended period of study. Be sure to carefully review guidelines of the host country’s embassy or consulate for information concerning specific requirements. International Programs will not obtain travel documents on your behalf. While we are willing to help, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain the appropriate immigration documents.

A non-immigrant “ED” visa is required of all U.S. citizens. You must obtain it prior to your departure. You will apply for the student visa/residence permit through the Royal Thai Consulate-General in Chicago (phone numbers listed on website above). More instructions about applying for this non-immigrant visa are available on the consulate's Information on Visas webpage.

You must wait until receiving an acceptance letter and supporting documents from Chula before submitting your application. However, prepare the rest of your application in advance by referencing the websites listed above. Past participants recommend paying an additional fee for a multi-entry visa as you may want to travel throughout the area.

Royal Thai Consulate-General
700 North Rush Street
Chicago, IL 60611-2504
Phone: (312) 664-3129
Fax: (312) 664-3230


As this is an exchange program, the Bursar’s Office will send you a tuition bill as usual. This payment will cover tuition only. You will be responsible for covering other expenses.

International Programs will invoice you and collect your payment for the mandatory CISI insurance.

Most financial aid and scholarships that you already have may be applied to your term abroad. There may be additional scholarship opportunities specifically for studying abroad. Review our Scholarships and Financial Aid page for more details.

The Chulalongkorn University timetable for the following fall and spring is generally available on the Exchange Student Information webpage. Semester participants will submit a course selection form in advance of the semester, but courses will not be confirmed until you arrive at Chula. Students should have a selection of at least 8 courses to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Although Chulalongkorn is a full university, our agreement is with the Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy and courses are limited to their offerings.

Refer to the International Programs course equivalency database [Internal Link] to determine how courses will count at UW-Madison.

International Programs has established grade and credit conversions. Review the tables below to see how the grades and credits you earn abroad will appear on your UW-Madison transcript.


The Chulalongkorn campus is in the heart of the city of Bangkok. It covers many city blocks with old and newer buildings and gracious grounds. There is a student center with cafeteria, bookstore and other shops. Your classes will generally be held in adjacent buildings. Classrooms are air-conditioned and have modern technology. All students wear the uniform of white shirt and black skirt/pants.


Accommodation is not available in Chula’s dormitories. Students are responsible for finding their own housing. However, if given timely notice, the international office can reserve space for you in a very nice apartment complex at a special discount, Evergreen Place, with a fitness center, pool, and a coffee shop. Daily cleaning service provided. Rent depends on size of the flat and number of occupants. More information is available on Chula's Exchange Student Information webpage.


Health Insurance
As a UW-Madison student, you will be required to purchase CISI insurance through UW-madison for your stay in Bangkok. There are fees associated with using the medical services at the University.


The U.S. Department of State provides important travel safety information. We also recommend that you register your trip with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program; this allows you to record information about your upcoming trip abroad that the Department of State can use to assist you in case of an emergency.

The International Office at Chula will pair each exchange student with 2-3 Thai buddies. The buddies help incoming students settle in. For instance, buddies help new students become familiar with campus and how to navigate Bangkok.


Dress Code
There is a university uniform that all students are required to wear. As students advance from freshmen to seniors, the code becomes more relaxed (for example, the black tie usually disappears after the freshman year). Regardless, all students should be aware and adhere to this code. Uniforms can also be purchased at the Chulalongkorn University Bookstore.


For Men:

White shirt

Long black trousers

Black Chula tie

Dress shoes


For Women:

White shirt

Black knee-length skirt

Chula pin

Polite casual shoes


What to Pack
In addition to what is listed on the packing list on the predeparture website, we recommend:

  • Umbrella and a rain jacket.  Monsoon season goes from June through October, so if you are going in the Fall, this is extra important!
  • Chula has a dress code for students. Make sure to pack what you need to comply!
  • Your housing will include basic furniture, kitchen facilities and pots, pans, silverware, etc. Linens are not provided in most cases.
  • Past participants recommend that you wait to purchase household items until you arrive instead of bringing them with you.


Meeting Thai students
As Chula and the Wisconsin School of Business have an exchange agreement, there are students at Chula who have studied or will study in Madison. Ask Chula’s International Office for help locating Thai students with UW-Madison connections.


Life in Bangkok
Bangkok is a vibrant and noisy city. Tucked between the shops and offices you may see a gold covered temple.  People get around by taxi, sky train, and tuk-tuks, the three wheel open minicabs. We do not recommend “back of the scooter” rides as they have many accidents. Please check out Chula’s General Information website for important cultural tips. This guide will keep you from actions that might be deemed disrespectful to the locals.

Check out the student reports from past participants.

Additional Information
For general information about preparing to study abroad, visit the Pre-departure Resources website.

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