Financial Aid & Scholarships

Cost estimates vary by program. Consult each program's website for details.

Scholarships are available for study abroad from the Wisconsin School of Business and other sources.  Scholarships will not be awarded more than once to a student going again to the same program.

Financial aid information is available. Students who currently receive financial aid or scholarships from UW-Madison will continue to receive funding while abroad.  If you do not receive financial aid now, we encourage you to apply if you anticipate that your expenses abroad will be higher than Madison expenses. Aid is budgeted after names are officially submitted to the registrar by the study abroad office. It is disbursed 10 days before the start of the semester or before a program if it starts later. Programs need to be at least four weeks long to be eligible, so some of our shorter summer programs will not qualify.

International Programs

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Study Abroad Application

The fall 2011 application (for spring 2012 study abroad) is now available.

Study Abroad Scholarships

Learn more about scholarships available to students studying abroad!

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