Warsaw:  Warsaw School of Economics (Szkola Glowna Handlowa)


Fall: Mid September – Early February

Spring: Early February – Mid-June


Undergraduate Exchange

Founded in 1906, Szkola Glówna Handlowa (SGH), known in English as the Warsaw School of Economics, is the leading business school in Poland, and is also the oldest public university of economics and management in Poland. The school has about 15,000 students altogether and a faculty of 1000. It has been ranked by the Financial Times as the best business school in all of Central and Eastern Europe. The campus is conveniently located in central Warsaw, adjacent to the city’s largest park and next to a metro station.

Warsaw is a city of dynamic development and excellent prospects. The Polish capital is a truly European city, the pride of the Polish people and a popular destination for foreigners. The Warsaw metropolitan area is home to nearly 3 million residents, with 1.7 million living in the city itself. It is the center of Poland’s political, economic and cultural life. The city’s location in the center of Europe makes it an important communication and transportation hub. Furthermore, the city is very youthful from a demographic standpoint. One in five people is under the age of 18, and there are a total of 300,000 university students in Warsaw.

There are two student produced videos on YouTube that give you a better idea of life in Warsaw. You can access them by clicking on the links below:

2004 student movie for exchange students

2008 student movie for exchange students



The academic year is divided into two semesters, which both consist of 15 weeks of academic activity. There are one-week vacations in both semesters and a winter vacation between the semesters at the beginning of February. Orientation week for incoming students will take place in the week before the beginning of classes for the given semester. Courses for the business exchange are taught in English with courses available in Polish for those students with enough language competence. More information about academics can be found on the Courses at SGH website.

The following list is of courses (listed as UW-Madison equivalencies) that have been offered previous terms. This list is only a sampling and is not exhaustive. There is no guarantee that these courses will be offered during future terms. Please consult the course list of the partner school to see current and future course offerings. Our course equivalency database shows all SGH courses that have been equated and their UW-Madison equivalencies.

Recent courses include:

Spring 2011: Econ 109, 409; Finance 300, 365; IB 365, 420; Marketing 420; MHR 403, 420, 423; Soc 690

Fall 2010: Econ 109, 409; Finance 300, 365; History 224; IB 365, 420; Marketing 420; MHR 423; Philos 241



The available on-campus accommodations are double rooms, shared with another exchange student, in the “Sabinki” dormitory, five minutes away from the campus. Each room is equipped with basic furniture, has an Internet jack and a phone plug as well as all the necessary bedclothes and linen. On every floor there are two shared bathrooms and kitchens. The dormitory also offers a canteen, free laundry, gym, TV and pool room.



Costs for study abroad vary by program and student. Our estimates are based on most recent exchange rates and may change due to international economic factors (including exchange rates), variation in lifestyle, and additional student travel.

2011-2012 Warsaw Program Cost Estimates

Most financial aid and scholarships that you already have may be applied to your term abroad. There may be additional scholarship opportunities specifically for studying abroad. Review our Financial Aid and Scholarships page for more details.



Applications are typically due March 1 in the academic year prior to the academic year of your intended program. If space for spring semester opens, the application process will re-open in the fall.

More details on the application process and minimum requirements can be found on our Apply to Study Abroad page.

Many courses are offered in English and no Polish proficiency is required to study on this program. Participants with Polish proficiency who are interested in taking courses in Polish should contact International Programs for more details


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There are two student produced videos on YouTube that give you a better idea of life in Warsaw. You can access them by clicking on the links below:

2004 student movie for exchange students

2008 student movie for exchange students


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