Just like degree-seeking students, international exchange students can enroll in courses during the semester directly preceding their stay in Madison. This means that exchange students planning to study at the university in the fall will be able to enroll in courses as early as April, and students coming for the spring semester will enroll in November.

Enrolling for Wisconsin School of Business courses is a relatively simple procedure that you can do on the internet from anywhere in the world. All you need is your online MyUW student account and your enrollment date and you are ready to enroll in courses!

Instructions for selecting courses, activating your MyUW account, and enrolling online are listed below.


Activate your MyUW Account

Before enrolling, you must activate your MyUW student account. The MyUW web portal is your personalized gateway to the campus services most important to you. Activation is easy and requires only access to the internet and a UW-Madison campus identification number, which will be provided by International Programs after your application has been processed. Please see the step-by-step instructions for activating this account.

You will be able to activate your MyUW account beginning in March or April for fall students and early November for spring students. International Programs will send an email with the necessary information.

Activating your MyUW account establishes your university email account. Please email the International Programs Project Assistant with your new email address at UW-Madison. All university communications will go to this address so check it regularly.


Understand UW-Madison's course numbering system

Review the Introduction to UW-Madison's Course Numbering System.


Consult the Course Guide or Class Search

The Course Guide is a catalog of all courses offered at UW-Madison. Class search is an online listing of course sections offered each term. Information is continuously updated and shows the meeting time for a course, how many spaces are available, who is teaching, what prerequisites are needed, and whether or not the course is full and therefore closed to enrollment. It also includes the scheduled time of the final exam. If a course is not listed in your Class Search, it is not offered that semester and you must choose a different course.

Both can be accessed through a student's MyUW Student Center. To learn how to navigate these tools, view class search and other enrollment related demos. Individuals who do not have a MyUW account can access the Course Guide and Class Search through the Registrar's Course Guide Access page.


Review course descriptions

Course syllabi are available. You can also read brief descriptions of undergraduate level business courses and MBA level courses.


Check for restrictions

Before selecting your business courses, check here to see if there are any restrictions. If a course is "restricted," international exchange students are not allowed to enroll in it. If you do manage to enroll online, International Programs will contact you and you must drop it.

Please do not email business professors about restricted courses; our office will help you with enrollment problems. Additionally, if a course has filled, please contact International Programs.

You may take no more than three courses in the same department during a semester.

Upper level courses have prerequisites you must satisfy in order to enroll. We will check your transcript to see if you satisfy all prerequisites.

You are welcome to enroll in courses outside the business school if you have the necessary prerequisites. In the case where you are blocked from enrolling in a course outside the business school, email the International Programs Project Assistant stating the course you wish to take and evidence of the necessary course prerequisites.


Make (and check) your course selections

Once you decide on the courses you will take, ask yourself the following questions before you enroll:

  • Did you check Class Search and then make a wish list in your MyUW to be sure all the courses you selected are offered the semester you will attend UW-Madison?
  • Did you check the list of restrictions?
  • Is there space available in the course?
  • If you're an undergraduate student, did you select courses number 699 or lower?
  • Did you avoid courses that meet at the same times?
  • Did you check the exam date and time? Avoid scheduling courses with exams at the same time. You must stay in Madison until after your last exam. No exceptions will be made.



After your MyUW account is activated, you are ready to enroll online in UW-Madison courses on the designated enrollment date and time that will be provided you by the International Programs Project Assistant. Students enrolling for fall courses will be allowed to enroll as early as April and students enrolling in spring courses will be allowed to enroll in November.

Online Demos and Tutorials will help you understand how to search for classes, add classes, swap classes and work the waitlist. If you encounter closed courses, contact our office, not the professor. Please remember we can never guarantee that a course you need will be available to you; be prepared to be flexible with your course choices.

If you have any questions at all about this process, please contact the International Programs Project Assistant for assistance.

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